Georeplikátor kinetic sculpture 2500 x 1000 mm / aluminum, neodymium magnets, iron powder ENGGeoreplicator uses a combination of two meanings, geos (from Greek genus - terrestrial, earthly) and replication, ie restoration,…

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Prologue Of Signum Supra

Prologue Of Signum Supra / videoENGA primeval, original pattern or a matrix most likely exists in dimensions that are out of our comprehension. However, deviations and subsidiary structures of this pattern…

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Full Moon Transmission

Full Moon Transmission x 2000 mm / aluminum plate, subwoofer, analog projector ENGThe installation follows up on its previous exterior presentation where its essence was to capture the luminosity and position…

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Esthetic of Movement

Esthetic of Movement, 1920 × 1080, 08:48ENGFor an ideal illustration of this video we can imagine a boxing match. Boxing, which sometimes used to be called „cornering,“ is a martial sport…

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