Kryštof Brůha is an intermedia artist living and working in Prague. In his works he explores specific environments - from environmental to technological and virtual - focusing on their influences and their overall transformation over time. He allows us to look at phenomena hidden from our perception, for example through macro and micro mapping of the environment, and through such scanning of space and time through artistic artefacts he offers the viewer a new view of reality.

The media are installation, kinetic sculpture, generative video and experimental film. Scientific methods, specifically designed algorithms, generative design and machine learning are used in the development process, while reverse engineering, Rapid Prototyping and CNC machines are used in the execution, which is reflected in the aesthetics of the works. 

He has been exhibiting since his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, during which he completed internships at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Indonesian Institute of the Art. In addition to exhibitions in Prague galleries - Atrium na Žižkově, Studio Prám, Pragovka Gallery and Potencial Gallery - his works have been shown in Č. Krumlov (residency - Egon Schiele Art Centre) or Artemis Gallery in Lisbon. His experimental films "Prologue to Signum Supra" and "Resonare De INTER Solaris" (nominated for the Best Czech Experimental Documentary Film) were shown at the IDFF Ji.hlava. He received the Graphic Artist of the Year Award - "Computer Graphics" 2019 and 2021. In the NFT challenge of the Artefin Gallery, he won 1st place in the category of the Expert Jury Vote. In 2023 he was the winner of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award.