Magna Mutatio / Natron

Artefin Gallery / Prague / Czech Republic
Technique / generative video, 4K, 00:02:22 min

Magna Mutacio is the title of a series of works that explore the transformation of a selected territory over time, specifically the transformation of cities, landscapes, bodies of water and glacial formations. European Space Agency satellite data are used for this analysis. The transformation of the territory is mapped, which, given its size and the long period of observation, could not be perceived from the viewer's perspective. The work thus offers a macro view of the subject.

Generative digital graphics and video Magna Mutatio / Natron explores the transformations of Lake Natron in northern Tanzania over the course of a year. Lake Natron is a unique natural phenomenon. The unusually high pH of the lake water and the temperature of up to 60°C, caused by massive evaporation and therefore excessive concentration of sodium carbonate, create specific conditions for a certain species of cyanobacteria that colour the lake red. This unusual phenomenon can also be observed from space.

The extreme environment provides shelter for only a few resistant organisms - the aforementioned cyanobacteria (cyanobacteria), several species of fish or small flamingos, which acquire a pinkish colour due to their specific diet.

From microscopic particles to impressive macro images from space satellites, the colour red and its shades are the dominant feature of Lake Natron. Similarly, red permeates the work of Magna Mutatio / Natron as a key element.