Inter Solaris / první výpal

Hora Říp, Středočeský Kraj, Czech Republic

2000 x 1800 x 700 mm / neodymium magnets, laser cut aluminum, Fresnel lenses

Inter Solaris is a kinetic mechanism that, when placed in specific locations using solar radiation, transforms rocks found in its vicinity. The exposure of the kinetic mechanism itself is presented as a site-specific installation, for which the processing of rocks at various locations is key. The concept of the Inter Solaris mechanism works in time cycles, during which it acts on concentrated medium with concentrated sunlight. Medium - the rock is placed in a rotating shaft, which rotates and thus exposes various parts to the sun's rays. The rock is transformed and machined by the continuous action of sunlight. The whole device works depending on the solar activity of the Sun, which affects the course of transformation of the objects. The activity of the Sun is thus reflected in different intensities of recording into individual objects.