Mirror of Surroundings

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague / Prague / Czech Republic

Technika / video, 1920 × 1090, 02:09

In this project I work with a people's perception of space. From a psychological point of view, we know that the space in which we find ourselves affects us. The environment can change our feelings, memories and mood. For example, if we find ourselves in a dark room unknown to us, our feeling will be different from the feeling that an open environment evokes.

With this seemingly banal, but key human perception for artists, I work in this video. I used myself here as a biological sensor. I have focused on several different environments that affect and affect us, even if we do not usually notice. I compared my impressions in a harmonious forest in the monumental building of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and in a busy street. All locations are similar distances from each other, their center is the Academy. I used mirror balls, which act as perfect mirrors and indicate my emotions with their movement.