Resonare De Audire Fluctus

Studio Prám / Prague / Czech Republic

Curator / Pavlína Janíková

Technology / laser cut aluminium - 500x100mm / metal balls / neodymium magnets / glass - 100x70mm / printing with robotic arm / plated fabric

The Resonare de Audire Fluctus installation follows the concept of the Audire Fluctus garment. It was first presented at the spring 2019 Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week and was based on the uncovering of invisible electromagnetic waves. The wearers of the garment find themselves in the role of technological "flaneurs", to whom this imperceptible layer of reality has been revealed to the naked eye. For the pilgrims of Audire Fluctus, the big city becomes a distinct energy hub and the storm brings a symphony in the form of electromagnetic thunderbolts.

In Prague's Studio Prám, the installation Resonare de Audire Fluctus further explored and elaborated the phenomenon. Antennas placed around the gallery space sensed the ubiquitous electromagnetic waves. Based on this data, the kinetic sculpture continuously printed an amorphous object from tiny metal particles onto a magnetic substrate in a specific way, as a tangible record of EM activity. The set of drawings created by the robotic arm was magnetically attached to the gallery walls using the same metallic particles. The installation was completed by garments from the Audire Fluctus collection, this time as a kind of relic of past events, the pilgrims previously dressed in them could be seen only in the exhibited drawings.

Electromagnetic waves were therefore not only reflected in the individual parts, but as a connecting element permeated the entire installation.