The Essence of Source

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague / Prague / Czech Republic

Technika / 1650 x 700 / epoxy, neodymium magnet, iron dust

Ice dendrites, or snowflakes, form in the atmosphere, where their shape is created. It is further transformed as they fall. This is due to the effects of weather conditions, which provides an almost infinite number of variables, thanks to which the shape of each flake becomes completely unique.

Human beings, like snowflakes, are also subject to continuous transformation from birth to the end. Both mental and physical, and these interact. In this case, however, this is not the case only depending on external influences.

If we go back to the beginning, we find the original matrix, the genetic code. This evolutionarily compiled plan determines the basic structure and development of the human being. Thanks to its modulation, this basic library provides us with a unique thought structure. It has a direct effect on our physical nature. This connectivity is readable in the Book of Five Circles - Go Rin No Sho, authored by the legendary Japanese samurai Miyamoto Musashi. It is a partial autobiography and also an analysis of the struggle of man against man. The transformation of thinking according to physical dispositions must have been a crucial factor for Musashio, given the cannon selection that Musashi underwent in huge numbers. Proof of the functionality of his adaptation was his survival, as a substantial part of these duels ended in the death of the loser. The structure of his book suggests that Miyamoto's art of the sword grew along with his mental processes. He was also strengthened by advancing meditation and philosophical thinking. This raises the question of the extent to which our mind is able to transform our body. This circle can be visible to us when we realize that in order to get somewhere or want to do something, it is necessary to virtually simulate the activity in advance, ie to imagine and thus be already in the idea. According to the theory of the amateur Swiss physicist Nassim Haramein, it is necessary to count on human memory and time at the same time. Because without our memory there would be no time for us and without time there would be no evolution. He further elaborates this in his theory of cosmic memory, which connects everything. I perceive the structure of DNA as a basic medium for contact with the past and a possible prediction of the future. Imagine being in the middle of an unknown landscape without equipment and civilization, so our survival depends on the forgotten primitive skills we hide. For example, on the ability to start a fire. Even if we do not master this skill, we have the hidden potential to start a fire. So following the essence referring to this information would help us reconstruct this lost skill. I perceive human potential as energy enabling the use of our abilities, which exist in us to a trace extent. Understanding the cryptography of our mind means learning to read in it. This will offer us the opportunity to discover the keyed abilities that are written in us through the generation medium. Since I perceive the human mind and body as an interconnected system, breaking down mental limits will allow us to look beyond our own physical horizon. However, I still see the potential as an abstract plane with no limit on the number of variable values ​​that prevent its predictability. If we fail to discover this hidden charge, then human existence will become more and more like particles moving at different speeds in space, just as we do with ice dendrites.