Virtual Level

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague / Prague / Czech Republic

Technika / 105 x 100 cm / videomapping na plátno

Looking at the painting, we see the capture of the place of the granite quarry and part of the landscape around it with a black-and-white aesthetic. This simplified image frees us from possible disturbing elements in the real environment, which in turn makes it easier for us to concentrate on the kinetic element in the image. In this case, it represents a computer-generated vector network in real time, which is projected by video mapping onto the painting. The network evokes waves of the water surface, which change based on the sensed sound waves around the image. The viewer thus becomes part of the installation.

The network used here is similar to those used in real engineering applications. For example, it can be used to calculate waves around a boat or to flow around a car. Therefore, for me, it was an ideal tool for demonstrating the environmental impacts of this work.

The network here simulates the water surface in its almost static but also turbulent form. The viewer is thus impressed by a simplified image of a virtual landscape, which evokes the impression of a moving space. Here, the visual stimulus approaches the abstract, subconscious processes of the human mind, which are responsible for the emotional perception of space.

The contrast of the computer-generated amalba network is an important level for me. The process of classical painting reflected many spontaneous actions, which create the overall impression of the depiction and at the same time emphasize the handwriting indicating the uniqueness of the place and the memory. My interest was to use this feature of classical painting in this work as well. The resulting installation thus responds in an original way to each viewer.